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US-led troops kill Afghan civilians

A woman and two childrens were among 18 people killed by US-led troops during an operation against fighters in southern Afghanistan, the US military has said.

The deaths came after the soldiers “used a single grenade” on a building while raiding compounds in Helmand province, according to a statement from US military officials on Monday.(…)

The bodies of the woman and childrens were recovered from the collapsed building in Garmser district on Sunday.

Another woman wounded during the battle and was taken to a medical facility for treatment.

The bodies of fighters and weapons were also retrieved, according to the US military.(…)

The incident comes after the United Nations reported around 300 civilians have been killed in operations by US-led troops targeted at Taliban fighters.(…) “” [source:]

_ How many childrens must die till USA and his allies will understand that TERRA is not their own playground?

Principles?Civilization?Freedom?liberation?liberators? WHERE? FROM WHO? Reconstruction? I am not shure any more …if it`s worthed in the name of all this “motivations” to keep our eyes and ears closed … Who are the real terrorists in all this “story”? Are “you” shure that you look in the right direction?


[RO]* Traducere adaptata :


In timpul unei operatiuni militare ,undeva in sudul Afganistanului ,trupele americane au ucis 18 oameni.Printre aceste 18 victime s-au aflat o femeie cu cei doi copii ai sai.

Acestia au murit dupa ce un soldat american a folosit asupra lor *o singura grenada*(conform cu declaratia oficiala a armatei americane).Trupurile neansufletite ale femeii si celor doi copii au fost recuperate duminica de sub daramaturile cladirii unde se aflau cand au fost ucisi.

Alta femeie ranita in timpul luptelor a fost transportata la un centru medical pentru a i se acorda primul ajutor.

Corpurile luptatorilor(impotriva carora a avut loc operatiunea militara) si armele acestora au fost deasemenea recuperate,conform acelorasi declaratii ale oficialilor armatei americane.

Acest incident a avut loc imediat dupa ce Natiunile Unite intocmisera un raport conform caruia in urma operatiunilor militare americane au cazut victime in jur de 300 civili nevinovati(majoritatea batrani,femei si copii) -ucisi de catre militari americani.”


Oare cati copii ,femei si alti nevinovati vor mai trebui sa moara sau sa ramana schilozi pe viata pana cand USA(si cei ce fac sluj la curtea lor, obedienti pana la prostie ) vor intelege ca TERRA nu este locul lor de joaca? Oare PACEA,PRINCIPIILE CIVILIZATIEI,LIBERTATEA si ALTE ASTFEL DE CLISEE pe care ei le invoca de fiecare data si in numele carora sustin ca se afla implicati in astfel de operatiuni militare…merita tot acest sange varsat ? Oare aceste “principii” sunt adevaratele motive pentru care USA invadeaza alte tari(state suverane) si le scalda in bai de sange curs din trupurile a mii-sute de mii de copii nevinovati?







…si multe altele…

Oare le mai are cineva astazi? Oare nu cumva cei ce se declara purtatori ai acestor “minunatii” sunt chiar cei ce le distrug?Oare cine sunt adevaratii teroristi in toata aceasta “poveste”?


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