“Milk powder, toys and cancer patients… (25/10/07)”

The cutting of electricity and fuel – further exacerbation of the cruel siege on Gaza.

Barak’s decision comes on top of the denial of milk powder to babies, toys to children and vital medical treatment to cancer patients.

The shooting of quassams cannot be a reason for denial of human rights – ceasefire can and should be achieved with Hamas.

The decision to cut off the supply of electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip, taken today by the leader of the Israeli Labour Party who in practice leads the extreme right, is a further exacerbation of the cruel siege which the state of Israel is already imposing for many months on the population of the Gaza Strip.
Ehud Barak’s inhuman decision is hardly surprising, following his prolonged orchestrating of a siege which led to an almost complete paralyzing of economic activity in the Gaza Strip, where some eighty percent of the population have fallen below the poverty line. Among other things, this siege includes a prohibition on the entry of milk powder for babies and toys for children, and the denial of vital medical treatment to cancer patients. Only in the past few days, this has led to the death of Nemer Mohammed Salim Shuhaiber, 77-year old Gazan to whom IDF soldiers at the Erez Checkpoint denied passage on his way to medical treatment.
The shooting of Quassam missiles cannot be an excuse for such a severe collective punishment imposed on a a million and half inhabitants, and which constitutes a severe violation of human rights and international law. Such Human Rights violations are incompatible with the State of Israel’s claim to be part of the enlightened democratic world and to demand, for example, preferential trade relations with the European Union.
Had the Government of Israel been truly concerned for the suffering of the inhabitants of bombed Sderot, the way is wide open to achieve a ceasefire agreement with Hamas – as Ismail Haniya offered several times, and repeated it today. Such an agreement could included the end of the siege and of armed attacks of all kinds, on both sides of the Gaza border.

>>>Information on the circumstances of Nemer Mohammed Salim Shuhaiber ‘s death, due to denial of medical treatment:
http://www.kibush.co.il/show_file.asp?num=23031 “””



[RO]-traducere adaptata:

Lapte praf,jucarii si pacienti suferinzi de cancer… [25-10-2007]


Taierea furnizarii electricitatii si combustibililor -urmatoarea masura a asediului inuman asupra Fasiei Gaza.

Decizia lui Ehud Barak umple paharul prin masura de interzicere a aprovizionarii laptelui praf,jucariilor pentru copii si a medicamentelor vitale pentru tratamentului bolnavilor de cancer.

Motivul invocat de catre Israel(lansarea de rachete Quassam) nu poate fi o “scuza” pentru incalcarea flagranta a drepturilor omului(drept sanctiune) – incetarea ostilitatilor se poate rezolva(si trebuie rezolvata) prin tratative cu Hamas.

Decizia de a sista orice furnizare de energie electrica si combustibil in Fasia Gaza,luata astazi de catre Israel,este o agravare a masurilor crude si inumane pe care deja Israelul le impune de foarte multe luni de zile populatiei din Fasia Gaza.
Decizia inumana a lui Ehud Barak nu este deloc surprinzatoare,daca avem in vedere premeditata orchestrare a unui asediu ce a dus la o paralizie aproape completa a activitatilor economice in Fasia Gaza(unde peste 80% din populatia a ajuns sub limita saraciei).Printre altele ,acest asediu include si interzicerea aprovizionarii cu produse de baza,cum ar fi: laptele praf pentru sugari,medicamentele vitale pentru tratamentul bolnavilor de cancer si alte boli grave.De exemplu in urma cu cateva zile lui Nemer Mohammed Salim Suhaiber(un batran in varsta de 77 ani,bolnav de cancer) i s-a interzis accesul catre locul unde acesta isi primea tratamentul. La scurt timp acesta a decedat.
Rachetele Quassam nu pot fi o scuza pentru o astfel de pedeapsa colectiva impusa la 1 milion si jumatate de palestinieni.Acest fapt constituie o sfidare si o incalcare grava a drepturilor omului si a legilor internationale. Astfel de fapte sunt incompatibile cu imaginea unui stat democratic ce doreste un tratament preferential cu Uniunea Europeana(asa cum Israel pretinde).
Oare guvernul Israelian este preocupat cu adevarat de toate acestea si de ajungerea la o solutie?

>>Informatii mai in detaliu despre cazul si cauzele mortii lui Nemer Mohammed Salim Shuhaiber datorita refuzului israelian de a-i permite sa isi primeasca tratamentul puteti gasi aici:
http://www.kibush.co.il/show_file.asp?num=23031 “””

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