1. USA invaded Iraq sustaining that Iraq have WMD and secret places where they are producing WMD…They didn`t find any of it…
WMD production in Isreal is real and proved.WHY UN and USA do not take attitude in that matter? Why USA do not INVADE also ISRAEL?


2. …Arabs are also a semitic people(DICTIONARY>Semite = a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs). If i would be an ANTI-SEMITE ,means I should be also against them. But it is not like this… Sooo results : I AM NOT AN ANTI-SEMITE !






1. USA a invadat Irakul invocand ca principal motiv rapoarte ale serviciilor secrete ce sustineau ca Irakul detine armament de distrugere in masa si locuri secrete unde acesta este fabricat intensiv… Nu s-a gasit asa ceva in Irak…


Producerea armelor de distrugere in masa(arme chimice bio-hazard si armament nuclear) si detinerea lor de catre Israel este reala si dovedita . De ce UN si USA nu iau pozitie in aceasta privinta (ca si in cazu Irakului) ? De ce USA nu invadeaza deasemenea Israelul?


2. …Popoarele arabe sunt deasemenea popoare semite. Daca as fi ANTI-SEMIT,inseamna ca ar trebui sa urasc deasemenea arabii . Insa lucrurile nu stau asa in aceasta privinta…Rezulta ca : NU SUNT ANTI-SEMIT !


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