“”” Israeli authorities have expressed regret for some of the killings of Palestinian children, claiming they occurred as a result of mistakes. However, the Israeli army and government officials who are responsible for the conduct of soldiers and approve the army’s operations, are fully aware that the use of certain weapons and/or munitions in certain situations invariably results in the killing or injuring of bystanders, including children. This reality became clear from the first days of the intifada, four years ago, when 15 Palestinian children and dozens of other unarmed Palestinian protesters were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the first two weeks of demonstrations.

The killings of more than 550 Palestinian children cannot just be dismissed as “mistakes”. Amnesty International is concerned that the consistent failure of the Israeli judicial authorities to carry out thorough and credible investigations into these killings, and to bring those responsible for unlawful killings to justice, has undoubtedly encouraged such violations to continue. “”” [AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL]

[RO]-traducere adaptata :

“”” Autoritatile israeliene si-au “exprimat” regretul pentru o parte din crimele asupra copiilor palestinieni, sustinand oficial ca aceste morti au fost doar rezultatul unor “greseli”.
Armata israeliana si Guvernul israelian , CARE SUNT RESPONSABILI de ACESTE CRIME si responsabili pentru faptele soldatilor si aprobarea unor astfel de operatiuni militare,sunt pe deplin constienti de rezultatul faptelor lor si de folosirea armamentului militar (“cu intentie”) asupra civililor palestinieni si indeosebi asupra copiilor acestora. Acest adevar a devenit certitudine inca din primele zile ale Intifadei,cand 15 copii palestinieni si multi alti civili palestinieni NEINARMATI ,au fost impuscati mortal in timp ce protestau pasnic(in primele doua saptamani de demonstratii).

Uciderea a peste 550 de copii palestinieni nu poate avea drept “scuza” si nici nu poate fi concluzionata ca “simple si regretabile greseli”!!!Organizatia Amnesty International este ingrijorata de esecul(sau reaua vointa) autoritatilor judiciare israeliene in investigarea acestor CRIME,si in solutionarea lor prin tragerea la raspundere a celor vinovati.Acest fara indoiala a incurajat ca astfel de CRIME sa continue. “”” [AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL]


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