“”” Those of us who belong to former colonies think of imperialism as rape. So you rape. Then you kill. Then you demand the right to rape the corpse. That’s usually known as necrophilia.
Extending this horrible analogy, Richard Perle said recently, “Iraqis are freer today and we are safer. Relax and enjoy it.”
[Arundhati Roy]



Troops ‘took turns’ to rape Iraqi (BBC NEWS-7August2006)

“”” A US military hearing has examined testimony of how three soldiers took it in turns to try to rape an Iraqi girl aged 14 in Mahmudiya in March.
The girl and three family members were allegedly killed by four US soldiers.
Graphic details of the attack at the family’s home came in a sworn statement by one of the accused, James P Barker.
The preliminary hearing will decide whether to court-martial the four. The case is one of a series of atrocities blamed on US forces in Iraq.
Along with Sergeant Paul Cortez, Private Jesse Spielman, and Private Bryan Howard, Specialist Barker is charged with rape and murder.
The four are alleged to have helped a former private – Steven Green, who has since left the army – plan, carry out and cover up the attack. Mr Green has pleaded not guilty in a federal court and will be tried separately in the US.
A fifth soldier is alleged to have lied to cover up for his colleagues.

‘Whiskey and golf’

Investigator Benjamin Bierce interviewed Mr Barker, 23, on 30 June and took down his statement, he told the hearing at a US military base in Baghdad.On the day of the attack the soldiers had been drinking Iraqi whiskey mixed with an energy drink and practising golf strokes at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, Mr Barker’s statement said.
One of the soldiers, Steven Green, said he “wanted to go to a house and kill some Iraqis,” it alleged.
The four eventually went to a house about 200 metres (yards) away and put the parents and their five-year old daughter in the bedroom, but kept the older girl in the living room.
According to Mr Barker’s statement, he and Mr Cortez took it in turns to rape or attempt to rape her.
Mr Barker heard shots from the bedroom, and Steven Green emerged with an AK-47 in his hand saying “They’re all dead. I just killed them.”According to the testimony, Mr Green then also raped the girl and shot her dead.
Her body was doused in kerosene and set alight.
The first day of the hearing on Sunday saw an Iraqi army medic describe how he found the bodies of the four Iraqis.
He told prosecutors he was ill for weeks after witnessing the crime scene.
Proceedings are expected to continue for several days.
BBC Baghdad correspondent Jane Peel says the Mahmudiya attack is one of the worst in a series of alleged atrocities committed by US troops in Iraq.

When news of it emerged last month it caused outrage and led to calls for changes in the agreement that exempts American soldiers from prosecution in the Iraqi courts. “”” [Source: ]

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN)One of the U.S. soldiers accused of raping and killing an Iraqi and slaying her family told investigators that after the killings he poured kerosene on the girl’s bullet-ridden body, according to testimony Monday in a military hearing.


“””In the latest suspected war crime, it is believed the woman’s body was burnt, and that a child was killed along with two other Iraqi adults in the family’s home.
The alleged rape and murders are believed to have taken place in the town of Mahmoudiya, about 18 miles south of Baghdad several months ago. The events were brought to the attention of the authorities on June 23 by two soldiers who saw blood on their comrades’ clothing and heard them talking about the incident.
A day later the army launched an investigation. “A preliminary inquiry conducted by MND-Baghdad found sufficient information existed to recommend a criminal investigation into the incident,” according to a statement released yesterday.
Military officials in Baghdad and Washington gave only sparse details of the incident. However, it is believed that at least one of the soldiers had confessed to involvement in the incident and four had had their weapons taken away and were confined to barracks. All are believed to be enlisted men.
The investigation, ordered by Major General James Thurman, the commander of coalition forces in Iraq, was announced at a time when the Pentagon is under severe pressure to improve the image of its troops – and its judicial system – following a series of high-profile atrocities against Iraqi civilians.
The most damaging of these are the events in the town of Haditha last November in which US Marines are accused of killing two dozen Iraqi civilians in retaliation for the death of one of their own in a roadside bombing. Separate Marine units attempted to cover up the deaths.
The killings, which have been widely likened to the notorious My Lai massacre at Vietnam, might never have come to light if not for a report in Time magazine.
More recent episodes have also exposed efforts by soldiers to cover up crimes against Iraqi civilians. Last week four enlisted men were charged with killing three Iraqi men at a former chemical plant and threatening a fellow soldier if he reported the deaths.
Meanwhile, seven Marines and one sailor were charged with killing a disabled Iraqi man in the town of Hamdania, west of Baghdad, placing a shovel near his body to suggest he had been planting a makeshift bomb.
The soldiers in the most recent investigation are believed to be members of the 502nd Infantry Regiment, based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Two weeks ago two soldiers from the same platoon were kidnapped by an al-Qaida affiliate at a checkpoint in the town of Yusufiya, 12 miles south of the Iraqi capital. Several days later, their brutalized and beheaded corpses, rigged with explosives, were discovered on waste ground near an electrical plant in the town.
Soldiers from the unit have been undergoing stress counselling since the capture and killing of the two men.
However, a military official told Associated Press news agency that the killing appeared to be unrelated to the kidnappings, describing them as a “crime of opportunity”. The soldiers had not been under attack and had noticed the woman on previous patrols.
Until the two soldiers came forward, officers had believed the family’s death was due to sectarian violence in the town…. “””
[Source:,,1810326,00.html ]

HUMAN RIGHTS? Honor? Dignity ? Morality ? Professionalism ?Freedom? Peace keepers?Liberators? War on terror? …..Noooo.Do not “worry”!Is only ABUSE!;RAPE;WAR CRIMES;INVASION;War OF terror and occupation;etc. …and all of this for OIL ,for GREED, for” natural resources”!!!!!

[RO] -Traducerea in limba romana nu isi mai are rostul la acest articol…




  2. You are as simplistic and culpable as Bush! To leave would be an even bigger disaster then going into Iraq in the first place.

    The trouble with people like you is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you clearly have little knowledge.



  4. Ciaran Page Says:

    Everyone is so ignorant. Yes this is a war over oil, but why do we care? If America has their fingers in Iraq then America controls the oil flow out of the country. Which means Russia and China doesn’t. Why would we let other countries gain that kind of power over us? We should be worried about preservating our country, no matter what the cost. Yes, terrible war crimes have been performed in Iraq and yes, this war was unhumane (just like every other war in history). But why shoud us, the American citizens, care? One country suffers for the gain of another. This is a fact proven many times thoughout history. Would you rather be ‘nice’ or sucessful?

  5. IM iraniyan
    مرگ بر آمریکا
    مرگبر اسرائیل
    مرگبر انگلیس
    زنده باد فلسطین
    زنده باد حزب الله
    ما بالاخره دشمنان اسلام رو شکست خواهیم داد

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