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“”” Terrorism means: ” killing civilians”
according to Mr. Bill Clinton


Terrorism means :”using excess-terror as the main weapon and the goal”
according to me ………


Above photo shows us Israeli-children writing on Bomb-shells
anything they would like to tell … to their Lebanese-victims
during the summer of 2006.


Of course those children did not drop those bombs
but their fathers did it ,for them.


If those children were not Terrorists,
then they would be ,at least, the children of Terrorists.


If you would disagree with me here,
then let anyone translate to you
what was ever written on those bombs ,
or ask anyone where those bombs have landed ??? the next day.


Of course history did not stop in summer 2006
and imaging that in 2011……..5 years later ,
those children would ride on a bus and will have among them
a “Lebanese-Terrorist” who would have survived
their bombing of 2006……..


Imagine also that this Bus would be blown-up completely
and then , may I ask you:
who was the terrorist on that bus ??
and who would be labeled as the innocent-civilian ??


The Israeli children start their lives as being
the children of the oppressors,
while Palestinian and Lebanese are the children of the deprived,
of the oppressed, of the robbed and of the occupied .


So who is the Terrorist ?…….. the thief or his victim ???
provided we all agreed on who is the thief
because anybody can call himself a victim ,
but there is only one thief.


Look again at the picture above ,
those children have survived to keep the lute
that their parents have once stolen.


Other children, on the receiving-end of those same bombs
have all the rights to become , one day , a Terrorist,
if “terrorist” would be the name you choose to give them !! “””



[RO]-traducere adaptata:


“”” Terorismul inseamna: “a ucide civili”
conform spuselor lui Bill Clinton.


Terorismul inseamna : “folosirea excesiva a terorii ca principala arma…”
conform gandirii mele…


Fotografiile de deasupra prezinta copii israelieni scriind pe bombe de aviatie
orice ar fi dorit sa transmita… victimelor lor(libaneze).
-in vara anului 2006.


Desigur nu acesti copii au aruncat acele bombe asupra civililor libanezi,
dar parintii lor au avut grija sa o faca, pentru ei.


Daca acei copii nu sunt teroristi,
atunci cu siguranta se pot numi,cel putin, copiii unor teroristi…


Daca nu vei fi de acord cu mine in aceasta privinta,
atunci roaga pe cineva sa iti traduca
mesajele ce au fost scrise pe aceste bombe…,
sau roaga pe cineva sa iti spuna unde au aterizat aceste bombe??? in ziua urmatoare.


Desigur,istoria nu s-a oprit in vara anului 2006
si facand un exercitiu de imaginatie ,in anul 2011…,5 ani mai tarziu,
acei copii(ce au scris acele mesaje) se vor afla intr-un autobuz israelian
unde va calatori alaturi de ei un “terorist-libanez” ce a supravietuit
bombelor lor din 2006…


In acelasi exercitiu de imaginatie incearca sa vezi acel autobuz explodand …
si dupa aceea,pot sa te intreb:
cine a fost adevaratul terorist din acest autobuz??
si cine va fi etichetat ca “civil inocent”??


Copiii israelieni au intrat in viata
ca si copii ai opresorilor,
in timp ce copiii palestinieni si copiii libanezi sunt copiii celor asupriti,
furati,aflati sub o ocupatie straina ilegala…


DECI…Cine este “teroristul”?…HOTUL,sau victima sa?


Priveste din nou fotografiile de deasupra!
acesti copii au supravietuit doar ca sa duca mai departe furtul si jaful
pe care parintii lor l-au inceput candva.


Alti copii,de la celalalt capat (de primire) al aceleiasi bombe,
au toate drepturile ca sa devina,intr-o zi, TERORISTI,
daca “terorist” va fi numele pe care vei alege sa il dai acestora !!! “””


LEBANON 2006 pictures:





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