Rachel Corrie(1979-2003) – REMEMBER… NEVER FORGET…



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Rachel Corrie, was murdered on Sunday March 16, when she was purposely run over by an Israeli-driven, US-made (Caterpillar D9) bulldozer, while trying to prevent a Palestinian civilian home from being demolished by the Israeli military in the Rafah area of the Gaza Strip.

Rachel was in Rafah volunteering for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a Palestinian-led movement of both Palestinians and internationals working together for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. Rachel and the ISM have chosen nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles to resist the daily brutality of Israel’s 36-year-old military occupation and its ongoing and illegal land confiscation and settlement of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a Israeli bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying homes in the Gaza Strip.”




32 Responses to “Rachel Corrie(1979-2003) – REMEMBER… NEVER FORGET…”

  1. Brutal murderers.

  2. God Bless her Pure Soul..
    she is great person that standed for freedom and justice..
    she gave herself to save homes and little kids that are being killed everyday…
    she wanted peace all over… she scarified for peace…
    Rachel is a candle that will always light in our heart

  3. rachel scarified for peace,,she is a great person ,palstenian people will alwas remmeber her ,, we love you rachel …

  4. may Allah give her a good place in heaven.

  5. Give our life to save others…the biggest love, the true love. It remembers me the sacrifice. Jesus died to save all humanity, including this killer…may Jesus give her a good place in heaven and reach this man with this true love.

  6. فتاة صادقة أعطت درسا للعالم بأسره وبينت بثضحيتها الاسطورية أن الإنسان كيفما كان وحيثما كان يسكنه الخير ويميل إلى مساندة الحق، راشيل كوري مناضلة ومقاومة وشهيدة ورمزا للعالم بأسره لك ألف شكر ولك ألف ذكر يا شهيدة القضية الفليسطينية

  7. I read her history… We shouldn’t forget what she did…


  8. Fuat Kayabaşı Says:

    seni unutmadık rachel unutmuyucağızda

  9. mehmet çakmak Says:

    eger bir insan hayatını kuratarabilir isek rachel boşuna ölmemiş ve insanlık adına bir mum yakabilmişizdir lütfen sag duyu ve vicdan olsun israilde yazık lütfen bu kadar kan akmamalı içim acıyor kanıyor

  10. Balaouane Hassan Says:

    Rachel Corrie, is dead for a real cause,she lives among the palastenien,and she convinced that the people there fight too for a right cause,anyway as we said in palastein ”ONE DAY WE WILL COME BACK IN OUR LAND,COZ THE LAND IS MIEN”
    Rachel is not died she’s lives in our souls,and she will be there forever.

  11. Basel_KSA Says:

    إلى كل محبي الخير , وإلى كل محبي السيدة الكريمة / راشيل كوري
    هي إنسانة نبيلة مناضلة دافعت عن المظلومين الآبرياء في زمن انقلبت فيه موازين القوة للشر
    لم تمت هي بل عاشت في قلوب الأحرار الشرفاء
    لها الشكر وبالغ التقدير و لوالديها

  12. She’s a Shaheed, a Martyr. She laid her life to fight against injustice, oppression and cruelty. And GOD Willing on the Day of Judgement she will be honoured

  13. rachel sen kocaman yüreğinle, hayatına mal olan direnişinle ,asla ölmeyeceksin….dilerim ki bu kahramanlığın insanlık adına , nice nesillere ışık olur .. insan hayatı ve insan hakları için savaşmaktan korkmamalıyız.Dünya menfii yıkımlar ve sömürgeler yüzünden yaşanmaz hale geldi .. iktidardaki kodamanların ego çatışmaları yüzünden binlerce masum insan hayatını kaybediyor..

    Keşke herkes sen gibi olabilse.. Ruhun şad olsun ..
    Unutulmayacaksın asla…

  14. Rachel, останется в наших сердцах, и ее поступок должен быть нам примером!!! Аллах вознаградит Рэчил иншаллах.

  15. God Bless you Inshallah!!!

  16. I see, I hear and listen. I will speak and share her words and deeds with everyone I know. I will not forget her or her goals of a peaceful world where we respect every human being

  17. St. Blini, we miss you!

  18. the israel called all peoples who are not jewish: dogs … dont forget this all peoples. and they said we love USA we are brother with them but i am sure if they can attack USA , they dont stop one minute. they are not too strong to attack USA, if they can they do it already. dont sleep USA peoples dont sleep your goverment saves İsrael every times…

  19. Freedom Warrior Says:

    Rachel, I wished I had the opportunity to meet you. You are so special, you are not dead, you are living in so many hearts, in places you wouldn’t imagine. From board rooms, prisons, hospitals, palaces, huts, we remember you and you’ll live forever!!!! This is not an anti anything accept “anti brutality”. Any side that is BRUTAL is WRONG. So Rachel, your words live forever. That short incident that they thought took your life, pushed you to the hearts of MILLIONS!

  20. Loss of life is tragic and horrific – but standing in front of a bulldozer until it runs over you is DUMB! Seriously… it wasn’t a race car. it was a slow, lumbering piece of machinery. Facing it down to protect property really wasn’t worth it, was it? Losing your life to yell at a bulldozer is really REALLY stupid – not brave. Protesters like to think they are righteous and bulletproof. Here is proof they are not. There are other ways to win the war, even if you lose a battle. American do-gooders do not belong in such places. They die like anyone else.

  21. Amaila Says:

    rachel god bless you. urstory has brought tears into my eyes. justice will surely be served to u one day.till them rest in peace.

  22. Salam Dear rachel may god bless your soul you did what all our leaders and kings are unable to encounter really you are Hero and as we know heros dies i do not know how to contribute in keeping you among us forever i love you you are defendind your ideas even with your life you are My favorite I’m so sorry !

  23. Rachel n’est pas morte. Elle est encore beaucoup plus présente aujourd’hui. Elles est la preuve que le nazisme est désormais remplacé par ses propres victimes.

    Obama! nous entrevoyons en vous une lueure d’espoire.

  24. Zahra from Iran Says:

    israel kills hundreds of childeren,hundreds of peaple,hundreds Rachel Corries every month.who cares?! Israel is powerful,Israel is a powerful human-killer & wants to have the whole world for itself.it seems to be a cancer,eatin the world by any minute… LET’S STOP israel,THE MURDERER OF HUMANBEINGS.

  25. may allah give for the best tu her

  26. Milyarlarca müslümanın yapamadığını yapan muhterem kadın Rachel Corrie. Senin bu dik duruşun, zalime boyun eğmeyişin bizlere örnek olmalıdır. Ölümün ineşallah nice doğumlara vesile olur.

    Sen adını insanlık tarihine altın harflerle yazdırın. Senin ölüm şeklin siyonist teörist örgütü israilin her inanca düşman olduğunu net bir şekilde ortaya koymuştur.

    İnşeallah siyonist terör örgütü israil sonlarına yaklaştı. Son çırpınışları bunlar.


  27. Long live freedom, down with isreal and all evil forces , this is the truth that never dies , long live palestine free for all christians, moslims & jews
    Arabian & Independent.

  28. What a fine Christian, what an excellent human being. I didnt know her till the day she was murdered. She expected nothing in return, no reward but the redress of grievance of the brutally oppressed. May Allah give her peace and great happiness in her eternal abode. Ameen. With immense love from Pakistan.

  29. Los soldados son, en todos los paises, jovenes engañados y asustados. Los verdaderos asesinos no se encaran con nadie nunca. Pero a todos los cerdos les llega su San Martín. El Universo afortunadamente, ha tenido y siempre tendrá un equilibrio perfecto.

  30. sahar irani Says:

    i never forget rachel.i love rachel,she was a great person…

  31. Giorgio Says:

    Rest in peace Angel…

  32. A country that does not protect the rights of all is not worth protecting. America has lost all credibility on the world stage as an impartial mediator.

    We must always remember those who have suffered at the hands of the unjust and continually demand that justice be done.

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