Israel is killing childrens – “Macabre reasoning”




*** They know in advance that children are sleeping in the targeted building, none the less, they carry out the killing without batting an eyelash …

“”” The Israeli occupation army and paramilitary Jewish settlers have killed 545 Palestinian children and minors since the outbreak of the al-Aqsa Intifada in September 2000.


Among these victims, 266 children were 14 or younger while the ages of the remaining 279 ranged from 15 to 18. Moreover, as many as 20,000 Palestinian children were injured, with nearly 1500 sustaining life-long disabilities.


The total number of Palestinians killed by Israel during the current Intifada is around 2700, the vast majority of them civilians.
When asked to explain the death of nearly 550 Palestinian children and minors killed by the Israeli army during the past 44 months, Dotan(Amira Dotan, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry) said the deaths were “accidental, collateral but not deliberate”.
However, when further pressed to explain how the Israeli army decided to drop one-tonne bombs on apartment buildings in Gaza and carry out devastating air strikes targeting markets and crowded streets, killing scores of children and women, Dotan invoked the mantra of terror.
(…) Nearly two years ago, Chris Hedges, a Western journalist covering events in Gaza reported how Israeli soldiers lured Palestinian kids to walk towards them for the purpose of hunting them down with their machineguns.
What is more shocking though is that virtually none of these killings has been investigated by the Israeli army or justice system, underscoring the striking ease with which the Israeli army kills Palestinians.


“Yes, we knew there were children, but we had to kill the terrorists.”
Like other Israeli officials and spokespersons, Dotan believe that these actions were justified so as to protect Israeli lives.


“If we hadn’t killed those Palestinian children, then the terrorist would have killed three or four times as many Israelis.” “””



[RO]-traducere adaptata:

*** Ei stiu dinainte ca in cladirile bombardate se afla copii, si totusi, ii ucid fara ca macar sa clipeasca…


“”” Armata de ocupatie israeliana si colonistii evrei inarmati ,au ucis 545 copii si minori Palestinieni, de la izbucnirea Intifadei din Septembrie 2000.
Printre aceste victime,266 aveau 14 ani sau mai putin,iar restul 279 aveau varste cuprinse intre 15 si 18 ani. In plus,peste 20 000 de copii palestinieni au fost raniti si aproximativ 1500 au ramas mutilati(invalizi) pe viata.Numarul total de palestinieni ucisi in timpul prezentei intifade este de aproximativ 2700(marea majoritate fiind civili inocenti).
Cand se pun intrebari si se cer explicatii in legatura cu moartea a 550 de copii palestinieni si minori,ucisi de armata israeliana(si de colonistii evrei) in ultimele 44 de luni,se primesc “raspunsuri” in genul celui dat de AMIRA DOTAN (purtatoare de cuvant a Ministerului de Externe israelian): “Moartea acestor copii a fost accidentala…,colaterala..dar in niciun caz cu intentie…”
Oricum,mai tarziu ,dupa indelungi insistente spre a explica cum de armata israeliana a decis sa arunce asupra unei zone civile tone de bombe, macelarind multime de copii,femei si batrani (aflati in casele lor sau pe strazi),DOTAN a invocat ca principala scuza “TERORISMUL”…(…)Acum aproape 2 ani,Chris Hedges,un jurnalist aflat in Gaza,a marturisit cum soldatii israelieni sileau copiii palestinieni sa mearga in fata lor si sa o ia la fuga,avand ca scop “vanarea” acelor copii si “tragerea la tinta”…
Ce poate fi mai socant si mai ingrozitor decat faptul ca niciuna din toate aceste crime nu a fost investigata de sistemul israelian…
“Da,stim ca erau copii,dar am fost nevoiti sa ucidem …”(se “scuza” ei)
“Ca si alti oficiali israelieni si purtatori de cuvant,Dotan sustine ca aceste crime se justifica atunci cand vine vorba de prevenirea actelor de “terorism” si protejarea vietii evreilor din israel.
“Daca nu am fi ucis acei copii palestinieni, *teroristii* ar fi ucis de trei sau patru ori mai multi israelieni.”(spun aceiasi oficiali) “””


One Response to “Israel is killing childrens – “Macabre reasoning””

  1. Jason(Thunderbeing) Says:

    Children are not terrorists people in Isreal!!Children are pure and innocent only demons and evil would ever knowingly harm a child only monsters!!Only abominations!!People in Isreal!! For the true chosen people of God would never never knowingly harm a littleone.

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