Cluster Bombs



Raja Chemayel quote:


” How make a ‘Barbarian’ feel jealous ?



Seven year ago,


Israel evacuated from the South of Lebanon


leaving behind it , (uncharted) 140.000 Land-mines.



And very recently Israel withdraws


from that same place,


leaving around (unexploded) 4.000 Cluster-bomb.



Such bestial-achievements


would make any ‘Terrorist’ or any Barbarian ,


……….extremely jealous. “




” Cum faci gelos un barbar?


În urmă cu şapte ani,

Israelul se retrăgea din Sudul Libanului lăsând în urma sa,

fără hartă, 140.000 de mine antipersonal.
Retrăgându-se foarte recent din acelaşi loc,

Israelul lasă în urma sa, neexplodate,

4.000 de bombe-ciorchine(cluster-bombs).
Asemenea isprăvi bestiale

l-ar face pe oricare ‘terorist’ sau barbar… extrem de gelos. “







  • Cluster munitions pose an immediate danger to civilians during attacks due to their inaccuracy and wide dispersal pattern.
  • After conflict, cluster munitions pose a lasting hazard due to the high number of landmine-like submunition duds that litter the landscape.
  • The shapes and small size of cluster munitions are appealing to children, who mistake them for toys. Children accounted for 60 percent of cluster munition victims in Iraq after the US dropped 61,000 cluster bombs containing some 20 million submunitions between January 17 and February 28, 1991.
  • Cluster munitions left behind after conflict kill and injure civilians who are already trying to rebuild their lives after war.
  • Cluster submunitions litter towns, farms, and fields, preventing people from harvesting their crops or using their land for decades after a conflict has ended.
  • Cluster munitions have been used and caused civilian harm in Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chad, Chechnya, Croatia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Montenegro, Pakistan, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam and Western Sahara.
  • Billions of submunitions are stockpiled by 75 countries worldwide. ” [HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH /Save civilians – ban cluster munition by 2008,campaign ]





** “ For the first time an Israeli soldier has accepted to talk about the war in Lebanon and he has launched a warning: ‘My batallion has launched about 1800 rockets. Each one contained 650 bombs, it sums up to about 1,2 million cluster bombs’. About 10% of the shells contained in cluster bombs have not exploded, so in southern Lebanon there are about 100.000 unexploded bombs. “



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  1. im abd elghani from algeria and my hope is aljihad and helpe my brothers there in gazza please tel me how ?

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