Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) -ISRAEL used experimental weapons in Gaza./video version


2 Responses to “Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) -ISRAEL used experimental weapons in Gaza./video version”

  1. tom schmidt Says:

    atwo places to check reality about DU and DIME weaopns:Dec.6th,2009 on @5-6PM,go to and listen to James Brooks from Vermont who has known that the Gaza has been “droned”with DIME The micro-shrapel of powered heavy metal tungsten alloy ,burn and blow right through people’s bodies with burns and perferations.US mindful killers call that “low collateral damage”.This “focused lethality” is now in a non-legal “status in order tonget away from criminality.Like dropping out of the International Criminal Court a la Henry Kiss-of-deathinger.Go to Damacio Lopez at IDUSt.ORG and support him this March @ san jose,Costa Rica,hurry ,pleaseand Rev.Roy Bourgeois @SOA and stop the funding of the School of the Americas @ Ft.Benning,Ga.That IS the Head of the Beast for US foreign policy a la Znbigniew Brazinzski-from Council of Foreign Relations,Kississinger Associates,Tri-Lateral Commission ,whose solution for conflicts is death as a business.The greed associated,like F-Boy for HK,is the “disapperance of 12 Billion dollars .

  2. tom schmidt Says:

    I would like to hear this video in english,about the results of DIME.
    Follow Rev.Roy Bourgeois’ march to the Truth concerning School of the Americas Watch and here is my plea:Ex-representative from Mass.,Joseph Patrick Kennedy has supported Rev. Roy to close the SOA.He has his back.Joe’s father was Robert F.Kennedy Jr. and I am certain that he recognizes a true PATRIOT .
    Good to hear that Danny Glover is involved in the truth about Haiti doing a movie about their great librator.Cudos for Sean Pean on Larry King the other night talking about how the rain season will come and shatter the record concerning potential deaths.
    As eddie Aikau said:There is good to be done Hugo Chavez and his PETRO CASAS [can be constructed in 10 DAYS]can be the winner in this .
    Read Noam Chomsky about Haiti in the book,501, and see the sins of the past and who was involved .If Americans would know this truth ,they would respond.Come ON PEOPLE:LETS HUI-UP and get this done and turn a new chapter for a PEOPLE withourt borders.
    You can publish my E-mail and I will respond . In Christ, Tom Schmidt

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