‘Jewish love ‘ for a palestinian woman…


Dignity? Equality? Respect for life of others? Respect for human rights of others? …or maybe ethnic cleansing ? / Demnitate? Egalitate ? Respect pentru viata altora? Respect pentru drepturile omenesti ale altora?…sau poate ca este doar epurare etnica?


The answer is here :




2 Responses to “‘Jewish love ‘ for a palestinian woman…”

  1. As usual Israeli people are scumbags .. killing Palestinian and torturing them ….. then destroy their houses to build another for their asses :S:S
    such a merciless animals that call themselves humans

  2. We as human lost everything when gave the power to murderer and capitalist to rule us, they are Fulfilling there interest without fear from God (Allah) which eventually led us to an era similar to dark ages but with technology this time .

    Return to one & only through God is the only salvation

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