“There are two kinds of everything”





“”” There are two kinds of everything


There are two kinds of Palestinian-Land,
the first part is (already) stolen
and the second part is occupied.


There are two kind of Palestinian-people
the first are exiled and refugees
and the second are occupied and hostages .


There are two kind of Israeli-citizens
the first part thinks that Israel has stolen enough Land
and the second needs……. much more Lands .


There are two kinds of Israeli-Governments
the first may attend to our funerals after killing us
and the other builds their settlements over our graves.


There are two kinds of US Presidents
the first kind does what Israel wants him to do
and the second repeats what Israel wants him to say.


There are two kind of Terrorists
the first ones wear Uniforms
and the others …..cannot even afford one .


There are two kind of Arab Leaders
the first are Dictators,Tyrants and Monarchs
who have never held any elections
and the others never have lost any elections .


There are two kinds of UN Resolutions
the first are applied on all countries, even by force
and the second ones are ,
just only for Israel’s chronological records.


There are two kinds of Justices in the world
the first one is in the name of US-home-security
and the other is to protect US interests abroad .


There are two kinds of Iraqis
the first ones know what the USA-UK want
and the others are naive opportunists-collaborators.


There are two kinds of Truth
the first one hurts us
and the second hurts the others. “””


[ Raja Chemayel






” Exista doua categorii din orice


Exista doua feluri de Pamant-Palestinian
prima categorie este (deja) furata
a doua categorie este sub ocupatie.


Exista doua feluri de Palestinieni
primul fel sunt cei exilati sau refugiati
iar cel de-al doilea fel sunt cei ocupati sau luati ostatici.


Exista doua feluri de cetateni israelieni
primii sunt cei ce gandesc ca Israel a furat destul pamant
iar a doua categorie sunt ce ce au nevoie… de si mai mult pamant.


Exista doua categorii de guvernanti israelieni
prima categorie sunt cei ce vor asista la funerariile noastre dupa ce ne-au ucis
a doua categorie sunt cei ce isi vor construii asezamintele deasupra mormintelor noastre.


Exista doua tipuri de presedinti americani
primul tip sunt cei ce fac ceea ce le dicteaza Israel
al doilea tip sunt cei ce repeta ceea ce Israel le impune sa spuna.


Exista doua feluri de teroristi
primii sunt cei ce poarta uniforma
iar ceilalti sunt cei…ce nu isi permit o uniforma.


Exista doua categorii de Conducatori Arabi
prima categorie este cea a dictatorilor,tiranilor si monarhilor
ce nu au fost alesi de catre popor
iar ceilalti sunt cei din categoria celor care niciodata au pierdut alegerile.


Exista 2 tipuri de rezolutii ONU
prima categorie este cea a rezolutiilor ce se aplica tuturor tarilor,chiar si cu forta
iar a doua categorie este…,
doar pentru inregistrarile cronologice ale Israelului.


Exista doua categorii de justitie in lume
prima este cea aplicata in numele SECURITATII NATIONALE A USA
iar cealalta este aceea care are menirea de a proteja interesele USA in lume.


Exista doua feluri de Irakieni
primii sunt cei ce stiu ceea ce coalitia USA-UK doreste
iar ceilalti sunt colaboratorii oportunisti si naivi.


Exista doua tipuri de adevar
primul este adevarul care ne raneste pe noi
iar al doilea este cel ce ii raneste pe ceilalti. ”

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