Annapolis was nothing… Israel kill Palestinian children every day… Again …and Again…






Yesterday I found this press article about Israel crimes in Gaza …About 2 days ago was another article; about 1 week ago was another article about….; 2 weeks ago another article about israel terrorist crimes … crimes again and again in Gaza… Peace? what Peace? Where is Peace? Israel is an terrorist state , a state ruled by assholes … THEY ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS IN MIDDLE ORIENT !!!

“”” Up to nine Palestinians have been killed and dozens more wounded in Israeli ground and air raids targeting the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory of Gaza.(…)
The dead include a mother and daughter and at least three fighters.
Also on Thursday, Israeli ground forces raided the West Bank town of Nablus, searching for wanted fighters.In Gaza, Palestinian witnesses and medics said Israeli troops and tanks backed by combat helicopters were operating in the village of Bani Suheila near the southern city of Khan Yunis.
Fighter jets carried out more raids across the Gaza Strip . (…)By Al Jazeera’s estimate, the death count from Thursday’s Gaza raids was nine, with at least 37 more wounded.(…) “””
[ 3/01/2008 Al Jazeera]

Even if HAMAS will stop existing …I am shure of that the terrorist state of isreal wi`ll find something for acusing palestinians again,and then will send another air raids ,tanks …. soldiers… again and again.
When they wi`ll stop killing children ? When they wi`ll stop this genocide against Palestinians? ENOUGH !!!!


[RO – traducere adaptata]

Ieri am gasit acest articol de presa despre CRIMELE israeliene din Gaza…Acum doua zile gasisem un alt articol cu o alta astfel de “intamplare”…Acum o sapatamana o alta stire prezenta victimele nevinovate secerate de gloantele soldatilor israelieni(si a rachetelor raidurilor aviatice) aflati in cautarea de membrii HAMAS …Acum doua sapatamani aflam despre alti copii ucisi in actiuni TERORISTE ale israelului impotriva teritoriilor Palestiniene… Iar si iar… Crime in Gaza… In fiecare zi soldatii israelieni ucid palestinieni… Oare chiar toti palestinienii sunt teroristi?!?! Oare nu vede nimeni acest genocid? ….
Pace ? Care pace? Unde e pacea? Israel este un stat terorist ,un stat condus de imbecili criminali insetati de sange….Ei sunt adevaratii teroristi ai Orientului Mijlociu !!!

“”” In urma unui raid (terestru si aerian) in Fasia Gaza, al fortelor armate israeliene, se estimeaza un numar de noua morti si 37 de raniti din randul palestinienilor.(…) Printre acesti morti se afla si o mama impreuna cu fiica sa…(civili nevinovati).
Deasemenea Joi,trupele terestre israeliene au intrat in West Bank (Nablus) ,Bani Suheila si in sudul orasului Khan Yunis . cautand membri ai gruparilor ‘rebele’.(…) “””
[3/01/2008 Al Jazeera ]

Chiar daca HAMAS va inceta sa existe … (sunt 100% sigur ca) statul terorist israel va gasi alte motive si justificari pentru  a-i acuza pe palestinieni ,pentru a-i macelarii, pentru a le ucide copiii si a le darama casele …. Acesta este un GENOCID ! Acesta este un “HOLOCAUST” !!!


5 Responses to “Annapolis was nothing… Israel kill Palestinian children every day… Again …and Again…”

  1. Angie Keith Says:

    Please send always


  3. War against ALL religious human beeings!!!!

  4. adeeb asmar Says:

    Long live Palestine Hamas Hezballah
    fuck Israellll

  5. Nina from norway 15 yeas Says:

    Omg. i cry.. Why the children D;. why people :\

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