Just 3 pictures… about IMPERIALISM, INVASION and WAR CRIME.

fallujah_girl_refugee.jpg– little iraqi girl refugee from Fallujah.

iraq-children.jpg-iraqi children killed (“by mistake”) by a us soldier.

fallujah27avril2004-1-3.jpg– iraqi old man . Human Rights? Dignity? us army morality?


4 Responses to “Just 3 pictures… about IMPERIALISM, INVASION and WAR CRIME.”


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from the Krishnamurti Foundation India.

    I am a professional designer practicing in India, and have been invited by the Krishnamurti Foundation India to conceive and design a portable Exhibition provisionally titled Krishnamurti and the World Crisis.

    The Exhibition’s express purpose is to share unique insights of the world-renowned thinker-philosopher J Krishnamurti on the nature of the human mind and its undeniable connection to the widespread insecurity, destruction, injustice, and the rapid erosion of social fabric that can be seen in every sphere of human activity across the world. Educational and humanitarian in purpose, it is totally free of sectarian, political and commercial interests, but exhorts people to reflect and ponder over the implications of this clearly self-destructive trend and to take stock of their own inner lives.. It will be made freely available, on demand, to such institutions interested in furthering the cause of global justice, peace and harmony.

    In its presentation, the Exhibition is designed not as an event, but a facility that can be used in perpetuity. It covers a wide range of themes and, through the interplay of photographic material and quotes of Krishnamurti, illustrates the inner nature of this World Crisis. Photographers throughout the world are being approached to contribute their work towards this cause by sharing their work free of cost and royalties. Naturally, credits will be mentioned beside the selected pictures of all those participating.

    I write this letter to earnestly request your permission to allow us the use photos in your collection on WAR CRIMES for the exhibition. In keen anticipation of your interested response,

    Yours sincerely,
    Vikram Parchure

    1. For more information on J Krishnamurti and the Krishnamurti Foundation India, do visit the following websites: “NO LINK” and “NO LINK” .
    2. My email id for correspondence: “PRIVATE”

    *** The ADMIN edited the links and e-mail adresses from this message .


    I appreciated your interest in this matter and i totally agree with your request.YOU ARE FREE AND YOU HAVE THE FULL PERMISSION TO USE ALL THE PICTURES FROM MY BLOG – IN NONCOMMERCIAL PURPOSES !
    The pictures without watermark are not mine. Those pictures(without watermark) are free on the internet . This kind of pictures are not for commercial use . The only purpose of this pictures are to show to the world THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR BLOODY TIMES and the suffering of innocents !!! 😦 Thank you !

    LET`S MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE ! The Earth is not ours … Is our children`s Earth… Our children`s children Earth…

    Good luck !

  3. i really like your opinion about the war, this is the TRUTH yet people deny it. I am a British muslim and I recently moved to the U.S, but to be honest with you a lot of Americans here agree to put a end to this fight. However, there are some people who instead of being a role model to us; lead us to the wrong path. One of them is my history teacher, I once argued with him about the war and how stupid decision Bush has made yet he keeps telling us that the war is a right thing to get revenge on what happened on sept,11. Well then when he says that i had to look down coz i myself am a muslim- but i would still like to make a point the attack on sept 11 were not done by those innocent children neither did the Iraqis know anything about it, the whole point is THEY WERE NOT, and i repeat NOT INVOLVED IN THE ATTACK so why kill them??? this really gets me frustrated and at times i think i could do something about it, but maybe i m wrong, i can’t do anything all i can do is sit here and give my opinion but is that going to stop the war, the answer is simply, two letters- NO

  4. ramadan 2012…

    […]Just 3 pictures… about IMPERIALISM, INVASION and WAR CRIME. « “Dubito, ergo cogito; cogito, ergo sum.”…”CUI BONO?”[…]…

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