“Please note down !” // “There is GENOCIDE… and GENOCIDE” (by Raja Chemayel)



“”” Please note down.

Please note down in the Chronicles:
The Regime of Mubarak, did not open the doors to Gaza….
The Gazeans have blown-up those doors.
The goods the Gazans are bying on the Egyptian side
are not for free………they are paid for !! “””


There is Genocide… and Genocide .

Israel is refusing to call its own on-going Genocide
in Gaza as being a Genocide……
According to Israel Genocides happens only
to 6 Million Victims, while in Gaza there is
only one and half million Victims…….
Besides that ,
those one and half million Gazeans
have the wrong religions and the wrong race,
according to Israel’s standards. “”” [


[RO – traducere adaptata]

“”” Notati!

Notati ,va rog, in cronici :

Regimul Mubarak NU a deschis usile pentru Gaza…

Populatia din Gaza a fost cea care a aruncat in aer acele usi.

Bunurile aduse de catre populatia Fasiei Gaza din Egipt

NU SUNT GRATUITE… Acestea sunt bunuri CUMPARATE si PLATITE ! “””


“”” Exista Genocide … si Genocide .

Israelul refuza sa denumeasca genocidul pe care il fac in Gaza …

ca fiind UN GENOCID…

Conform Israelului , genocidele se pot intampla doar

daca exista un numar de 6 milioane de victime , in timp ce in Gaza sunt inregistrate pana acum

doar 1 milion si jumatate de victime…

In afara de asta,

cei 1 milion si jumatate de victime palestiniene din Gaza

au religia si rasa necorespunzatoare criteriilor si standardelor israeliene(de definire a GENOCIDULUI). “””


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