PALESTINE – BTselem video reports .

“”” Since Israel bombed the Gaza power plant, on 28 June 2006, the lives of the Habil family, owners of a sewing workshop, have revolved around the few hours a day in which the electricity supply is renewed. “””


“”” In late 2007, Israel closed the Jaba’ and Husan crossings to Palestinian workers, leaving only three crossings for their use: Tarqumya Checkpoint, Checkpoint 300, located north of Bethlehem, and Sansana Crossing, located in the southern West Bank. The closure of the two crossings has forced thousands of Palestinians, who have permits to work in Israel, to spend half the night waiting in long lines to enter Israel. “””


“”” More than 200 Palestinians lived in Khirbet Qasa, West of Hebron. The village was an enclave in the area between the Green Line and the Separation Barrier, whose construction was recently completed. “””


“”” The Bidu-Qatanna village bloc, in Ramallah District, suffers from a severe water shortage, as do many other areas in the OccupiedTerritories . Mekorot, the Israeli water company, supplies only one-half of the water consumed by the 50,000 villagers of this area. To meet the rest of their water needs, the villagers have to buy water from private suppliers at a much higher price and store it in unsanitary conditions. As a result, the residents are forced to consume poor-quality water and use it in small quantities. Meanwhile, the 3,000 settlers in the nearby settlement of Har Adar receive an unlimited amount of water, which comes from the same reservoir. “””


“”” Israel imposes a tight siege on the West Bank . Palestinians are forbidden to enter Israel without a permit, but permits are rarely given. Many Palestinians are forced to sneak into Israel in an attempt to earn a living. “””


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