REMEMBER … NEVER FORGET …- Fallujah after invasion


“”” On April 28, 2003, US soldiers occupying the Al-Qaid school in Falluja opened fire on dozens of demonstrators who had been protesting the use of the premises as a forward base for the US 82nd Airborne Division.Seventeen Iraqis civillian were killed and scores wounded. (…)The events in Falluja in late April 2003 helped fuel anger throughout the country and led to a 2004 siege of the city.It is this event which triggered the first US assault in April 2004, which would kill – according to doctors I spoke with later at Falluja General Hospital – 736 Iraqis. According to medical staff, at least 60 per cent of the fatalities were civilians. (…) They came from different parts of the city, and at different times, and they all claimed the same thing – that they had been shot at by American snipers.One woman and small child had been shot in the neck; doctors frantically worked on her amongst her muffled moaning.The small child, his eyes staring into space, continually vomited as the doctors raced to save his life. After 30 minutes, it appeared as though neither of them would survive…Sitting outside the clinic was an ambulance riddled with bullet holes. The driver, whose head had been grazed by one of the shots, refused to go collect any more dead and wounded.(…) “”” [MORE – LINK ]


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