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US raid ‘kills Iraqi family’

“”” A US air raid has killed eight members of the same family near Tikrit. (…) The pre-dawn helicopter raid on Friday occurred in the village of Al-Dawr where Saddam was captured by US forces in December 2003.”Eight people, including five men and three women, were killed by a US air strike targeting their home. They are all members of the same family,” Firaz al-Duri, first lieutenant of Al-Dawr police said. (…) Witnesses said that US forces had surrounded the house before helicopters fired missiles at it. “”” ( SOURCE Al Jazeera )


Jewish settlers ‘kill Palestinian’

“”” A Palestinian shepherd has been shot dead by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian security and government officials. The young man, identified as Yehia Apa Riham, was among a group of shepherds grazing their flocks south of Nablus and near the Itamar settlement when they were attacked by the settlers, security officials said.(…)Israel police confirmed that the youth’s body had been found with bullet wounds and taken to an Israeli forensics centre for an autopsy.”At approximately midnight, the body of a 17-year-old Bedouin was found by a family member,” Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, said. A number of violent attacks by settlers have been reported in the West Bank in recent months.
On September 13, Jewish settlers rampaged shot and wounded four people in a Palestinian village after a nine-year-old Israeli boy was stabbed in a nearby settlement.
Earlier this month, Matan Vilnai, Israel’s deputy defence minister, acknowledged that there had been “a dramatic increase in riots in the territories against the Palestinians and IDF [Israeli army] soldiers”.
Human rights group have also said that there has been a sharp rise in attacks by settlers and have criticised Israeli security forces for standing by during the violence.
Palestinian officials and international leaders have repeatedly condemned the expansion of Jewish settlements inside the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem saying that they are a serious obstacle to the peace process.
The West Bank has been under military occupation by Israel since 1967 and at least 400,000 Israelis have been settled in the territory, including East Jerusalem.
The settlements are illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this. “””
( SOURCE Al Jazeera )


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