B’Tselem video reports – II –

The Rashid family lives in a cave in the village of Haribat a-Nabi in the Southern Hebron Hills – right next to the Separation Barrier. In September 2007 the family made a video tape to introduce Israelis to their home and way of life. The tape also presents one of the children reading a letter to Israelis, and soldiers detaining farmers near the cave during the month of Ramadan, captured on film by the children.


Greenhouses owned by Abed-el Carim Kahaled were neglected for four months, until he received a permit to go through the gate in the barrier. As a result, the crop was 50% of its size in previous years.


The Bidu-Qatanna village bloc, in Ramallah District, suffers from a severe water shortage, as do many other areas in the Occupied Territories . Mekorot, the Israeli water company, supplies only one-half of the water consumed by the 50,000 villagers of this area. To meet the rest of their water needs, the villagers have to buy water from private suppliers at a much higher price and store it in unsanitary conditions. As a result, the residents are forced to consume poor-quality water and use it in small quantities. Meanwhile, the 3,000 settlers in the nearby settlement of Har Adar receive an unlimited amount of water, which comes from the same reservoir.


The Jundiyeh family live in a-Tuba, one of the most remote areas in the South Hebron Hills. In this first attempt at filming by the Jundiyeh children – reflected in the shaking camera – the children film settlers from the nearby Ma’on settlement (wrapped in white prayer cloths) throwing stones at them on their land (11 Aug. 07). When the settlers spot the camera, they cover their faces and retreat.


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