U.S. military helicopters attacked a farm in eastern Syria (26.10.2008)

U.S. military helicopters attacked a farm in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border on Sunday, killing eight civilians, including five members of the same family, and wounding 14 others.

U.S. commanders say Syria is the main transit point for foreign jihadists crossing into Iraq. Washington has blamed Damascus for turning a blind eye to the problem.

Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Hughes, spokesman for U.S. forces in western Iraq, said the U.S. division that operates on the Iraqi side of the border was not involved in the incident.

“This is an outrageous crime and an act of aggression, of course,” Syria’s press attache in London, Jihad Makdissi, told the media.
“If they (the United States) have any proof of any insurgency, instead of applying the law of the jungle and penetrating, unprovoked, a sovereign country, they should come to the Syrians first and share this information,” Maqdisi said. “This administration has proved to be irrational and they have no respect for international law or human rights. We expect a clarification, and of course Syria reserves the right to respond accordingly in the proper way,” the Syrian diplomat told reporters in London.

Witnesses said the attack in Mashahdeh village, 7 km (4 miles) from the Iraqi border and 2 km from Bou Kamal, took place at 5 p.m. (1400 GMT).
“The helicopters carried out an attack on a civilian building under construction and opened fire on workers inside the building, including the wife of the building guard, leading to the killing of eight civilians,” SANA reported.
It said the dead included a man and his four children, and a married couple. They were all Syrian.

Speaking in London on Monday, Walid Muallem said “All of them were unarmed and they are on the Syrian territories.This killing of civilians in international law means a terrorist aggression.The Americans do it in the daylight, this means it is not a mistake it is by determination, by planned determination.”

Reem Haddad, the Syrian information ministry spokesperson, sais that the raid breached a recent accord between Iraq and the US.”This is a flagrant violation of the new [security] agreement between Iraq and the US,” she told.“One of the points of that agreement is that they do not attack bordering countries.”


That was no terrorist site ;it was a civilian setup.The way in which the US Army conducts its dirty business of so called espionage is totally misleading.The United States has gone way, way too far…TERRORIST USA is bullying around.Of course, the US government will come up with excusable explanations to justify its war crimes in the region. Now, the moment the father of the killed 15-year-old boy takes a machine gun to fight US invaders, he will be called a “terrorist” by Mrs. Condolizza Rice or Mr. Bush…


Jewish Settlers vandalise Arab graves(26 .10. 2008)

Jewish settlers have gone on a rampage in the West Bank, vandalising a Muslim cemetery and threatening Israeli troops.Settlers also slashed the tyres of two dozen Arab-owned cars and sprayed paint on Muslim graves, the Israeli military said.Hebron has long been a pressure point of relations between Israeli’s and Palestinians in the West Bank.

Israeli human rights groups and senior military officials have said that violence against Palestinians by the some of the 300,000 settlers in the West Bank has increased in recent months.

Major General Gadi Shamni, an Israeli army commander, said last month that hundreds of settlers were now carrying out attacks.Critics have previously said settlers have been allowed to act with impunity in the West Bank, especially with regards to violence against Palestinians.

Ideological settlers believe God promised the West Bank to the Jews, although not all agree on the use of violence to attain territory.


Israeli settlers have committed a terrible action by vandalizing arab graves. This is absoulutley unacceptable. Israel needs to do more to stop these attacks, Israeli’s are acting in the most brutal and oppresive way. It has to stop. Give the Palestinians their Identity and homeland back, after all it was stolen from them!

When will the Israeli government recognize these attacks as terrorism. They recognize similar attacks by Palestinians as terrorism and terrorist attacks so why do they go silent now?Time and time again the Israel government and army have turned a blind eye to the ZioNazi behavior of their government, military and people.


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