Al Dhameer Al Arabi…The Arab Conscience Operetta…الضمير العربي

The operetta features 106 Arab artists, it’s over forty minutes long, and it’s one continuous song. “The Arab Conscience” covers events that have occurred in the Arab world between 1998 and 2008: 9/11 attacks, Danish cartoons, Israel/Lebanon/Palestine, Desert Fox, Sharon entrance to Al-Haram Al-Qudsi and the second Intifada, war on Iraq, Kenya and Tanzania bombings, bombings of southern Lebanon, war on terror, resistance, world peace, terrorism, Arabism, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, turning ethnic groups against each other, civil wars, the Arab Dream operetta, the separation wall in the Palestinian territories, Golan Heights, Abu Ghraib prison, human rights, democracy, and more.

The operetta begins with two legends Wadee’a Al Safi (وديع الصافي) and Mohammad Al Ezabi (محمد العزبي) performing “Mawwal” (An Arab music genre), the actual operetta begins at 6:13 minutes.

It features Arab singers from many Arab countries such as Latifa (لطيفة), Hani Shaker (هاني شاكر), Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم), Khaled (خالد), Sherine (شيرين), Saber Al Rebai (صابر الرباعي), Redha Al Abdullah (رضا العبدالله), Amal Maher (آمال ماهر), Khaled Selim (خالد سليم), Ahlam (أحلام), Diana Karazon (ديانا كرزون), Abdullah Al Rowaished (عبدالله الرويشد), Wa’ad (وعد), Ehab Tawfeeq (إيهاب توفيق), Mostafa Mahfooth (مصطفى محفوظ), Amal Hejazi (أمل حجازي), Wa’el Jassar (وائل جسار), Omniyah (أمنية), Ammar Hassan (عمار حسن), Asalah (أصالة), Jailani (الشاب جيلاني), Nancy Za’abalawi (نانسي زعبلاوي), Majid Al Muhandis (ماجد المهندس), Amnah (آمنه), Lotfi Boshnaq (لطفي بوشناق), Yara (يارا), Omar Al-Abdullat (عمر عبداللات), Nawal (نوال), Noor Mhna (نور مهنا), Fatin Helal Baik (فاتن هلال بك), Mo’amin (مؤمن),etc.

It begins with a man saying “We want to live in peace. Enough killing! Enough slaughter! Enough!” …

“The Arab Conscience” is produced by Ahmad Al Aaryan, written by Karim Maatouk, Sayed Shawki, Ahmad Al Aaryan and Siham Shaashaa, composed by Tarek Abou Jawdeh and Khaled Bakry, and arranged by Adel Hakki. It has been performed at the Cairo Opera House.

I want everybody in the world to reach the palms of peace
Arab peace should be a real peace not surrender

Hani Shaker:
I am an Arab who refuses silence; I am depressing emotions deep inside of me
The Arab people are taking my side, I’ll speak up and all of them will repeat after me

Nancy Ajram:
Hey human friends…Here or anywhere else
I am sending my message to you, to fold (forget) our sadness

Millions of us will build the world together with fair and faith
Let me and you built (spread) the world with safeness

Sherine (Shereen):
All people are humans; All messengers are brothers
Moses, Jesus and Mohammed refuse tyranny

Saber Al Reba’ei (Saber Rebai):
They refuses our humiliation, they glorify human beings
God is love; Our religion is peace

Redha Al Abdullah:
We thought in our first dream that the ray of light, Will reach skies and seas…
But apparently it’s taking forever

Amal Maher:
It’s taking forever because the darkness of the night muted our consciences
If we had one day left for us a life…We will keep dreaming in that day too

Khalid Seleem:
Did our feeling die, or are we the dead ones?
Or the world’s conscience is the dead one?

We are always carrying the weapon of deploring to use it in crises
People are being in constant agony, it starts but never ends

Diana Karazon:
Hey brother, stand up
Shout out load what they (presidents) didn’t say in the summit

Abdullah Al Rowaished:
We will resist no matter if they kept calling us terrorists or tyrants
We will never settle down until we retrieve the Golan Heights back

I refuse your dominance under the cover of freedom
I refuse your opinion and tips under the name of democracy

Ehab Tawfeeq:
Freedom is not a grant you dedicate to me
Our will take over our Plight, wake up Arab nation

Mostafa Mahfooth:
Peace was never a dream which we see while we are sleeping
Injustice is every where; hey people stop talking and take an action

Amal Hejazi:
Your war against terror is unfair and false logo
Your definition of freedom is against human rights

Wa’el Jassar:
Children, old people, woman are screaming while nobody is listening
Pieces, blood and dead people…While the world’s subconscious is lost

Hey nation, wake up and let your voice be heard
They killed the symbols of the nation while no one took an action

Ammar Hassan:
It’s one of our habits to look after our neighbors
People became a determination without a decision

Asalah (Assala, Asala):
We are crying with the people who are crying for real
If our emotions slept (If we lost our emotions)[br]What our tears will be good

Don’t say I am a Muslim nor Christian, we are all one family
Don’t say I am Sunni nor Shitte, we are all Lebanon

Raise your forehead (face) in pride and express your words into action
Our Arab conscience, it’s impossible for you to die


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One Response to “Al Dhameer Al Arabi…The Arab Conscience Operetta…الضمير العربي”

  1. hi all people ,i want to say one word that israeli are not good if they are good and strong they go to a strong country not palasten and i am saying only one word for the arab dont forget that we are brothers

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