6 Responses to “WORLD AIDS DAY 2008”

  1. AIDS is a fatal diesease we should fight it out to gather.

  2. it is a fatal disease and people should be more careful… they should know when to say no to unprotected sex… Unless you are 100% sure your opposite sex has no disease what so ever you shouldn’t have not one absolute doubt so be safe and watch who you are making love with….

  3. all one need to be on medicin in aids but no one need to be on self control
    self control is a very importent to the fast world

  4. the people around the world should realize how danger aids was…
    it caused of modern culture and globalization,,, free sex..
    just cover yourself with your religion….

  5. muito triste eu fico muito triste..

  6. plz stay away from aids
    use condom………….

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