“NATO is contemplating to legalize the narcotics traffic in Afghanistan”


poppy“”” Since decennia, Afghanistan has been one of the main producers of heroin. The plant, the poppy, grows easily, needs little water or care in general, and is easy to harvest: farmers milk opium resin from the plants which is processed into heroin and smuggled.
Opium and heroin has become Afghanistan’s runaway export success. At the end of the Taliban reign, the cultivation of poppy was outlawed, and the crops were eradicated, up to the extend that the UN Drug Control Program (UNDCP) had closed its offices in Afghanistan with a note “Job Done!”.

Since the fall of the Taliban, the poppy crop soared from 8,000 hectares in 2001 to a record 165,000 hectares last year. The street value of the annual crop is estimated at US$3 billion, representing about 90% of the world’s heroin production. An estimated 2.9 million Afghans, 13% of the population, are involved. There are no cartel lords. Western officials believe trade is controlled by 25 smugglers including three government ministers according to the Guardian.

As the poppy cultivation is the main livelihood of so many Afghans, NATO gets a lot of resistance when they assist the Afghan government with the destruction of the crops. During this crop season, the farmers increasingly take up arms against ISAF, according to Time Magazine..

So what to do? According to “Der Spiegel”, NATO is contemplating to legalize the narcotics traffic in Afghanistan… Guess under the motto “If you can not beat them, join them”?.

Fact is that last week, the UK troops broadcasted a message over two local radio stations in Helmand – a region on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – stating: “Respected people of Helmand. The soldiers of ISAF and ANA [Afghanistan National Army- ed.] do not destroy poppy fields. They know that many people of Afghanistan have no choice but to grow poppy. ISAF and the ANA do not want to stop people from earning their livelihoods.”

That got a few people upset. Not at least the Afghan government. Col Mayo of ISAF admitted the wording of the message was “open to misinterpretation” and said that after complaints from the local governor, Asadullah Wafa, it was removed and an apology issued. I wonder what the apology was like? “Euh…, I am sorry, there was a misunderstanding. We ARE here to destroy your poppy crop!” ?

Maybe next week’s version will be “On popular demand from the Afghan people, NATO will now transport the poppy crop, and install an air bridge to the US as a counter measure for the increased Colombian cocaine prices”?. And then Bush could use it as an argument to state “We ARE winning this war against terror! We even quadrupled the Afghanistan export trade figures!”. ha! More on Bush’s view what “winning means”, in the Washington Post.

Sigh. It is not fair. No matter how hard you try, you really can not win them all, right? Maybe the next move would be to bring the Taliban back into power, as at least during their reign, the poppy cultivation was virtually eradicated.
Maybe we should suggest that to ISAF? “””



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8 Responses to ““NATO is contemplating to legalize the narcotics traffic in Afghanistan””

  1. gail stewart Says:

    I believe the world could benefit from legalizing opium.The governments could tax it and control it.There would even be less people in prison.Everyone could benefit.The user,given free reign with just about as much as he would want,would eventually OD and we would be less the junkies.I am a heroin addict in treatment and I can tell you if it were legal and I didn’t have to lie and steal because it is so expensive I would still be useing.The high a person gets is better than sex.But it is different for everyone.The amount I could act normal and happy on could kill another person.But having it control and messured and clean from the government could stop it.The mexican heroin we get here in the west is dirty.It comes with alot of bacteria.

  2. I believe the world would benefit from junkies not being junkies, instead of the .’make it legal so I can continue being a junkie’ why not stop taking heroin, that way the prisons would not be so full, crime rate would be cut and the health service wouldn’t be so stretched. NO ONE forced you to become a junkie, get a grip stop winging and being full of self pity and stop taking it, no one forces you to take dirty heroin only you. As for the high being better than sex well that just goes to show your crap at that as well…100% pure straight up the arm is what I would recommend for a drain on the society like you.

  3. shut the f up u little turd, people like u who go threw life with ease and comfort are spoiled and know nothing of addiction or hardship. Go priss on u little prissy shit.

  4. lilith you are a bitch

  5. Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense should be able to see that the prohibition approach to drugs has failed dismally. The laws unfairly punish people who have problems with substance use, and ruins their life with criminal records and debilitating time spent in prison.

    The billions of dollars made by criminal syndicates is far, far worse than someone lighting up a joint in their home. The only way to remove power from the criminal groups is to regulate these substances through the government. By having a “prescription” system similar to the methadone program, the vast majority of illicit drug trading could be wiped out.

    Of course, the majority of people , like lillith, are far too thick headed to be able to comprehend that someone has the right to do what they want to their own body, regardless of the dangers. It’s because of these people that criminal groups are allowed to flourish, corruption amongst officials is rampant, and the dangers to the end user are magnified a thousand fold.

    Prohibition must be ended as soon as possible. The general populous need to take their heads out of the sand and see prohibition for what it really is – discrimination of the worst kind.

  6. I Think The Dude That Had The Balls tuh Throw That Shoe Was Superrr Thuqqqq.! Whatevr Bush Was Saying Obviously Peed Him Off Ha We Thuqqin out Here.

  7. the plant man Says:

    soooo…. heroine’s bad. we all know that. highly addictive, expensive, makes people do horrible things to get it… most often cut with harmful chemicals and/or contaminated with bacteria.
    the opium resin that comes from the seed heads can be smoked and used as an excellent pain reliever and mild sedative. and it’s also not as addictive, although it is 40% morphine so i’m sure you could still be addicted to it.
    so why don’t they legalize and control poppy cultivation and opium production, that way they can keep an eye on where it’s going, and leave heroin illegal?
    it’s harder to get ahold of things that are legal and controlled than things that are illegal. example: if you’re under 21, it’s pretty damned hard to find someone who will buy it for you. but if you wanted some weed, you could just walk up to any group of stoners and tell them you wanted a dub and they’d probably have it.
    so if poppies and opium were legal, it would be hard for people to get large quantities of it without it looking suspicious, therefore it would be harder to make heroine, therefore less people selling heroine and trying to get people hooked on it, therefore less heroine junkies, therefore less crime to support the habit.

  8. A happy gardener Says:

    Hi all I live in the UK, unfortunately for some. I also like to smoke heroin,the more the better. Recently in the UK it has become much harder to obtain heroin and I can only put this down to the crops being destroyed in Afghanistan and customs making it harder for the smuggler to get it into Britain. The heroin I have been able to obtain has been diabolical to say the least. So I obtained Papaver Somniferum seeds and have had a really good time growing my own drugs. Just in this last week or so I have started cropping for the first time and intend to turn my raw sap into opium. Why I did’nt think of doing this a long time ago I will never know. It would of possibly of saved me a lot of money as I have enjoyed taking heroin for over 20 years now. I feed it should be everybody’s right to do what they like with there own mind and body. I have worked hard to support my habit and I do’nt steal or go around offending people. I would just like to be left to do what I like to do to relax. legalization of opiates would stop all the crime that goes with the drug dealing and all the rest of the crap that end up in my hard payed for drugs!!!!!

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