“GOSSIP”…4000 Jews got sick-leave just before the bombing – strange!

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wtc-9-11“”” You can call it lies, but how many, if any, Israelis didn’t show up for work
that day? Where does this number of 4,000 come from?

On 9/11, the Israelis Ambassador told CNN that 4,000 Israeli nationals,
upon research and partially by inquiry by worried relatives, to be living or
working in or around the WTC, who remained in that early day unreached,
unaccounted for, and a matter of urgent concern to the Israelis.

As it turned out, by the most updated official Israeli count, no Israeli
workers at all died at the WTC. One Israeli did die there, but he was
visiting, not doing regularly scheduled work. One other Israeli died during
9/11: Daniel Lewin, killed on one of the planes by thehijackers, by a single
gunshot to the head (!), according to an internal FAA memo report later said
to be in error. But the official story still says he was on that plane, and
killed before the plane crashed, just with a box cutter (to the head?)
instead of a gun.

Those were the only 2 Israelis killed anywhere during 9/11, and none of them
worked at the WTC.

That is a miraculously low figure for Israeli worker deaths at the WTC (zero)
.. Do none work there? Did they all show up there late that day, and
therefore not enter the buildings at all? Did they show up, enter the
buildings, and just coincidentally, all make it out? (Having heard no
miraculous escape stories involving Israelis, probably no to this last one).Now the largest Israeli employer at the WTC, a firm co-owned by the Israeli
government, which had leased an entire floor on one of the towers, had moved
out about 5 weeks before 9/11, citing money concerns, but incurring a $50,
000 penalty for breaking their lease (and presumably having the balance of
the lease accelerated, due and payable).Another Israeli owned firm within the vicinity, Odigo, received instant
messages advising them to evacuate the area a couple of hours before the
first plane hit the WTC. The firm’s local management was on record by name
confirming this, and that the IP address for that message’s origination site
had been recorded and turned over to the FBI, was reported in the Washington
Post’s ‘Newsbytes’ news service.All of this tends to lend credence to the idea that Israelis got advance
notice, given that one firm reported itself that it received an instant
message to that effect, and that no Israeli workers died there that day.But did Israel have advance knowledge? THEY THEMSELVES SAY THEY DID, and
warned the US repeatedly, both by themselves, and by having other national
governments pass on the Israeli warnings. Mubarek’s very explicit warning,
of 20 some odd hijackers who would attack domestic symbols of national
prestige, was a pass on from the Israelis (who thought their own warnings
were falling on deaf ears).And how would the Israelis know? As one of the preeminent Jewish national
publications, The Forward, has published, citing Israeli admissions on
background, the so-called ‘art students spy ring’ of some hundreds of
Israelis was exactly a monitoring operation, with several Israeli teams
moving in mere blocks away from the Atta crew’s residences in south Florida,
as occurred on Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Florida. “””


2 Responses to ““GOSSIP”…4000 Jews got sick-leave just before the bombing – strange!”

  1. They took the day off because it was Yom Kipper.

  2. @MJ Shipp ,

    Yeah Right ! Thank`s for confirming the truth and the reality that is also shown by this article… Indeed . It was Yom Kipper. Why “terrorists” had acted in that day of Yom Kipper? Why not in another day and not particularly on that day of Yom Kipper when 4 000 jews took the day off … The “real terrorists” had known that on that day it will be the day when 4000 jews “took the day off” .

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