“”” GAZA CITY—Almost a third of the 689 Palestinians killed in Israel’s Gaza offensive are children, with most killed since the start of a ground offensive after a week of aerial bombardments, medics said Wednesday.
The proportion of civilians killed has risen dramatically since ground troops on Saturday joined the assault on the Hamas rulers of Gaza after a week of aerial and naval bombardments.
A total of 220 children have been killed since Operation Cast Lead was unleashed on December 27, according to Gaza emergency services chief Moawiya Hassanein. (…) Civilians have nowhere to flee from the conflict. The borders are sealed off under an 18-month-old Israeli blockade and buildings designated by the United Nations as safe shelters have been hit in the artillery shelling.””””



“”” Aproape o treime dintre cei 689 palestinieni ucisi de armata israeliana in ofensiva impotriva Hamas din Fasia Gaza erau copii si adolescenti cu varste sub 16 ani, au anuntat miercuri serviciile palestiniene de urgenta.In total, 220 tineri cu varste sub 16 ani au fost ucisi de tiruri israeliene de la declansarea ofensivei la 27 decembrie, a spus seful serviciului de urgente din Fasia Gaza, Mouawiya Hassanein, relateaza AFP.
Proportia victimelor civile a crescut puternic de la declansarea ofensivei terestre, la 3 ianuarie, luptele avand loc in zone locuite.
Organizatia Save the children si-a exprimat miercuri “ingrijorarea fata de numarul mare de copii si membri ai familiilor lor fortati sa se refugieze din calea bombardamentelor”.
Marti, 43 de persoane au fost ucise si peste 100 ranite intr-un atac israelian impotriva uneui scoli ONU din nordul Fasiei Gaza. “””



  1. Continue to get the truth out to the people of the world.. its a massacre in Gaza.

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