6th anniversary of Iraq War/genocide


cartoons by Latuff


2 Responses to “6th anniversary of Iraq War/genocide”

  1. Dollars for U.S. Imployments!
    1. per Year for Afgh.War! ( 9 Years Afgh.Nuclearwar )
    2.×9= to Dollars!
    3. Iraqwar 7 Years!
    4. Afgh.war 9 Years!
    5. Hiroshima: 600g. Depleted Uranium: 70.000 people die!
    6. 2.000.000 Tons D.U. for Jugoslavia, Iraq, Afgh. and Africa!
    7. 600 g.=70.000
    8. 2.000.000 Tons D.U. = people!
    9. Evangelical President: Jes.28:22.

  2. What has the world come to?

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