AFGHANISTAN – NATO troops killed a 12-year-old girl.

NATO-led troops shot and killed a 12-year-old girl and wounded two other civilians in western Afghanistan after they opened fire at a vehicle close to a convoy, police said on Sunday(3.05.2009).

The girl and her family were driving into Herat from a neighbouring province for a wedding party when the troops passed from the other direction, said police spokesman for western Afghanistan Abdul Rauf Ahmadi.

The girl was shot in the face, said her uncle, Ahmad Wali, who had been driving.

“It was rainy and we had poor visibility. All of a sudden, I saw sparks in front of our vehicle and then a foreign forces armoured convoy coming from the opposite direction,” Wali told reporters.

“After the convoy had passed by, we realised that half of my niece’s face was missing, her mother was wounded in the chest and I had blood on my face caused by broken pieces of windshield,” Wali said. [ source ]



5 Responses to “AFGHANISTAN – NATO troops killed a 12-year-old girl.”

  1. ironsword Says:

    In war there are mistakes. But in the USA, women and men kill unborn babies through abortions (many, many millions) because of convenience. This is an intentional REAL crime.

  2. True… but seems that in Afghanistan and in Iraq there are allot of ‘mistakes’ like this one ……………………………..
    Will come a day when they will pay for all this crimes!

  3. @ironsword ,

    Think about thatIf it were your child instead of that ‘mistake of war’ … What would have been?

  4. In the end we all answer to Allah Almighty.. Then only the truth will prevail and there will be no hiding. To those who carry out these attrocities and suppport them enjoy your time in this world as in the next you will be made to pay..

  5. Ortodox (Christian) Girl Says:

    The God is (only) One. The God that hates the wars and invite us to love each other as ourselves. Every other, inspite his etnia or religion. Now, the “bigs” of this world dream to make some New Age and New Order AGAINST THE ORDER OF THE GOD. Thay have done to Serbia the same thing as they have done to Irak, to Avganistan,… Thay are also against Russia, and for this reason they’ve destroyed Afganistan, as well as our Kossovo, just to make more and more Nato-bases close to Russia. But they might not know that THE GOD IS NOT IN THE POWER, BUT IN THE TRUTH!!! Love and tears from the bottom of the heart to all good people of Afganistan. Be patient. The God may bring you his hope, his love and his faith. He helps you all!

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