” Suspicious husbands and Ink out of Yemen….. ” by Raja Chemayel

“”” I was sitting in front of my PC
writing my next article about:
those very suspicious packages

originating from Yemen
full with “ink-cartridges-for-PC-printers”
destined to Jewish-organisations in the USA…

I was wondering how come Jewish-organisations
would purchase ink from Yemen ????

A mystery for me…….!!


When my door rang
I stood up walked to the front door
and opened , to see the delivery boy
with a Bouquet of Red Roses

addressed to my wife
and sent by Richard Gere
with a little note , attached.

I thanked the delivery boy
and placed the flowers on the commode
in the salon ……..and that note too……
Of course I did not read that note
although I got suspicious,
as to why Mr. Richard Gere would send roses
to my wife ……??

I went back to finish my article
on those printing-ink-packages
sent from Yemen, to some “Jews” in the USA

Because this story was more suspicious
than those roses from Richard Gere ,
to my own wife.

More suspicious……I say,
because printing-ink-cartridges
are cheaper in the USA , than in Yemen
and most of all……. the lifetime validity date for ink
would be better in the USA than in Yemen !!!

Strange !!

I have the feeling that I am ending up

as a suspicious news colonist

rather than  being

a suspicious husband.

by Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom   “””” (source)


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