WikiLeaks Ban or Global Secrecy Act?


Sen. John Ensign, a Nevada Republican, has proposed amending the Espionage Act specifically to target WikiLeaks and other media organizations that “publish the name” of anyone “helping in our efforts against terrorism.”

In so doing, Ensign gives legislative expression to a firestorm of criticism against WikiLeaks emanating from the US defense and intelligence establishments and also from many in the American mainstream press.

However, given that WikiLeaks is an international news organization, Ensign’s proposal also raises the specter of some kind of global secrecy act that would criminalize any media outlet that discloses the name of anyone who has collaborated with US intelligence agencies or the US military anywhere in the world, regardless of the context.

Ensign’s idea is particularly breathtaking because during the long Cold War and today’s “war on terror,” many collaborators with the CIA and other US agencies have been linked to drug trafficking, human rights abuses, military coups and even terrorism. Presumably, under Ensign’s plan, journalists around the world would face prosecution for making those connections.

Under his proposal, journalistic intent would not be considered. After all, the chief purpose of recent WikiLeaks’ disclosures of secret US military reports was to put a spotlight on the torture, murder and unnecessary killing of people in Afghanistan and Iraq during the US military occupations of those countries. (…) “”” [ FOR MORE CLICK HERE – SOURCE LINK]


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