PALESTINA 2015 (8)

“”” Two Palestinian children aging 12 and 14 were shot in cold blood north of Jerusalem today. Medical assistance was not offered, which led to the older child’s death. The slain Palestinian child has been identified as Hasan Manasra.
A Jewish settler verbally abuses the children while the Israeli police is watching.
As usual, the Israeli police claims the children stabbed Zionist settlers, but it failed to prove its claims. No knife was caught with the kids and no victims appeared in the scene. The knife an Israeli policeman appears carrying in this video doesn’t have any blood on it. The ambulance that supposedly carried the Israeli victims could have taken Manasra, too, but he actually bled to death. “””


“”” This video is posted here for the purposes of news reporting of current events. It shows the killing of a Palestinian youth, Fadi Alloun, in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday, October 4, 2015. Israeli police said the youth was killed as he attempted to carry out a stabbing. The video shows that Alloun was killed in cold blood and presented no danger to anyone. “””  [ electronic intifada – link ]


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