“Israeli forces detained more than 1,900 Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem in 2015, the majority of whom were minors, a prisoners’ rights group said on Sunday.

“A spokesman for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies said around two-thirds of those detained from the occupied city were children.”

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At least three Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank today.

17-year-old Adnan Hamid al-Mashni was fatally shot in the chest at the Beit Einun Junction, northeast of Hebron, and another man was also shot dead there this afternoon.

In Bethlehem, 21-year-old Srour Ahmad Abu Srour from Aida refugee camp was shot with live fire to his chest, and was pronounced dead in hospital. ”

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” In footage released by Al-Qassam today, former Israeli prisoner Gilad Shalit, who came to the Strip as an armed aggressor, appeared barbecuing at Gaza’s beach, during his 5-year-long presence in Gaza as a war prisoner.

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Zionist entity’s prisons- men, women and children- are living under severe and inhumane conditions.  ”

zionist prisonier

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” Mohsen Azzazi (14) was kidnapped by the IOF last November, during a protest at the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

According to Azzazi, 3 soldiers attacked him at the border, forced him to remove all of his clothes at gunpoint. He was handcuffed, blindfolded, thrown in front of a military jeep, severely beaten with hands, army boots and gun butts, all over his body. One soldier used a white arm against the boy, leaving him with severe shoulder bleeding. Another soldier kicked his mouth and broke one of his teeth. The child added that he had been repeatedly kicked on his abdomen; he eventually vomited blood.

Azzazi remained 3 entire days at an open military base near Gaza; he was left with only his pants on him, despite the cold and the pouring rain. During his stay at the Israeli base, he was not given any food or drink. Finally, the child was taken to prison, where he’d spend 6 months of his life, as an Israeli court decided.  ”

Mohsen Azzazi


[source 2 ]


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