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9-year-old girl shot with live ammunition.

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On the 22nd of January, when villagers of Kafr Qaddum carried out their weekly demonstration against the surrounding settlement of Kedumim, Israeli forces attacked them with the use of tear gas and live ammunition. Two men got shot in their legs and 9-year old Ayat Zahi Ali was shot in her arm, all of them with live bullets. Earlier that morning in the same village a farmer was ambushed and beaten when he was going out to work his land.

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Why won’t Israel return the body of a 14-year-old girl?

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“””  It is hard to believe that Hadil Awwad’s room has been abandoned for more than two weeks. It is clean, tidy and smells beautiful.

Teddy bears of many colors are scattered on the two sides of her bed. Hadil received them as a gift from one of her brothers when he returned from China. Even as she turned 14 she continued to keep those teddy bears in her room.

Her new jacket that she had bought recently and only wore once is hanging in t151214-hadil-awwadhe wardrobe.

She will never have a chance to wear it again.

Hadil Awwad was shot dead by Israeli forces on 23 November. She was executed after allegedly trying to stab an Israeli man with scissors on Jaffa Street inJerusalem.

Her 16-year-old cousin Nurhan was also injured and has subsequently been charged with attempted murder.

Hadil’s mother, Maliha, does not accept Israel’s version of events. Maliha said that the scissors found on her daughter were the ones Hadeel had used in art class.

“Posed no danger at all”

The scissors were not sharp enough to be considered a lethal weapon, she said. “No one believes that she could have hurt anyone,” Maliha added. “They killed her when she posed no danger at all.”

Security video of the incident shows Hadil and her cousin being knocked to the ground and shot at close range before any attempt was made to arrest them.

The Israeli rights group B’Tselem stated that in the case of the Awwad cousins, and Ashraqat Qatnani, another Palestinian girl shot dead during an alleged stabbing incident: ”it is hard to see how the three girls committing the attacks posed mortal danger at the time they were shot. It appears that the security forces involved could have easily apprehended them without using live fire.”

Israel’s apparent shoot-to-kill policy has left approximately two dozen Palestinian children dead since what has been termed the “intifada of the knives” began more than two months ago.

Hadil is among the youngest of those children slain.

She grew up in a household with several siblings in Qalandiya refugee camp near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

Her family is originally from Ishwa, a village near Jerusalem. They were forced from their homes during theNakba, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Maliha struggles to absorb the enormity of her loss. She has seen images of Hadil’s killing on Facebook but cannot bring herself to watch the video of the incident.

Hadil was a child who, when not preoccupied by her studies, loved to go shopping with her friends in Ramallah, go to amusement parks and attend activities organized by the community center in the camp.

“She wore her school uniform and was supposed to go to school in the nearby village of Kufr Aqab,” Maliha told The Electronic Intifada. “A few hours later, we saw pictures of her bleeding to death on Facebook and recognized her from the pictures.”

Bright pupil

Hadil was a bright pupil who had hoped to study medicine at university. Only two days before her killing, her biology teacher conducted an autopsy on a rabbit to show the students the different parts of the animal’s body. Hadil volunteered to assist her and was keen to examine what was inside the rabbit’s head.

“I told her that becoming a doctor is difficult and a mountain to climb, but she set her eyes on that one thing,” Maliha said. “She wanted to become a brain surgeon to understand how a tiny bullet that hit her brother in the head managed to end his life.” (…)  “””  [ rest of the article – HERE ]

” Histoire de la Palestine 1880-1950 “

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“”” Que le peuple “israelien” ait pratiqué à l’encontre des palestiniens des exactions alors qu’il venait d’être victime de la barbarie nazie, disqualifie ses prétentions territoriales et toute légitimité auto-proclamée (prechi-precha peuple élu, 1000 ans sur place etc…) . Honte à Israel d’avoir massacré tout un village(Dier Yassin) et d’avoir spolié tout un peuple, avec l’aide des anglais. Franchement, on aurait pu espérer autre chose qu’un comportement de nazillons de la part de ceux qui avaient été victimes d’Hitler.2 ou 3 ans plus tôt ! Beaucoup de juifs désapprouvent ce sionisme et prefère vivre loin d’Israel, Einstein, le premier qui était horrifié. La religion rend vraiment con et facho. “””  [Pierre de la Comète]


PALESTINA 2015 (9)

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PALESTINA 2015 (8)

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“”” Two Palestinian children aging 12 and 14 were shot in cold blood north of Jerusalem today. Medical assistance was not offered, which led to the older child’s death. The slain Palestinian child has been identified as Hasan Manasra.
A Jewish settler verbally abuses the children while the Israeli police is watching.
As usual, the Israeli police claims the children stabbed Zionist settlers, but it failed to prove its claims. No knife was caught with the kids and no victims appeared in the scene. The knife an Israeli policeman appears carrying in this video doesn’t have any blood on it. The ambulance that supposedly carried the Israeli victims could have taken Manasra, too, but he actually bled to death. “””


“”” This video is posted here for the purposes of news reporting of current events. It shows the killing of a Palestinian youth, Fadi Alloun, in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday, October 4, 2015. Israeli police said the youth was killed as he attempted to carry out a stabbing. The video shows that Alloun was killed in cold blood and presented no danger to anyone. “””  [ electronic intifada – link ]

PALESTINA 2015 (7)

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أكثر من 10 جنود يحيطون بطفلة فلسطينية تبلغ من العمر ” 15 ” سنة ويقومون باطلاق النار عليها بدم بارد في الشيخ جراح
More than 10 of the Israeli police shoot fire at Palestinian girl in Jerusalem .

gaza woman shot by 10 israelis
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Palestinian man gets run over by Israeli Jeep .

PALESTINA 2015 (6)

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“”” (…) Israeli soldiers have shot and killed two Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip during confrontations, less than 24 hours after six people were shot dead while protesting along the border with Israel. (…) The ministry said in a post on Facebook that the total number of Palestinians killed since the start of October now stood at 20, with nine killed in the Gaza Strip, and 11 in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem.The killings come a day after Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians protesting along the border separating the territory from Israel. Among those killed on Friday was a 15-year-old boy who was fatally shot at a demonstration in the al-Faraheen village, southeast of Gaza City.  (…) “”” [ Al Jazeera news ]


Israeli settlers throwing pig intestines on a Palestinian they killed. Unbelievable..